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Online Complaint Management System (OCMS - UOR)

University of Ruhuna


Online Complaint Management System of University of Ruhuna (OCMS-UOR) was established as a platform for everyone in the University of Ruhuna to express their views and problems to the administration of the University without revealing their identity.

Our goal is to create an amicable academic and professional environment within the University in order to deliver a better care for the beneficieries of the University.

Privacy Policy

You may stay onymous or anonymous when submitting your complaint or suggestion to the OCMS.

The submissions will be only accessible for the administration of the University. For onymous complains the identity of the victim will not be revealed to any third party.

Depending on the nature of complaint, progressive communication with the victim may be required. In such cases complaining with accredited contact information would be more favourable.

Submit your Complaint

Use the following interface for submissions. Contact information of the victim may be useful for processing the complaint and if provided, the information will be secured with us. However if you need to mask your identity, you may appear with virtual name and working email or contact number when submitting a complaint.